The Avon Coalition of Disabled People (ACODP) was formed in 1989. It was “a group working for and representing the interests of all Disabled people” and was run and controlled by Disabled people. It was part of a national movement disability activism, and the establishment of Disabled people led organisations. The Coalition had five main aims:

1. To act as a voice of Disabled people in Avon, and to promote self help, self advocacy and integration.

2. To give information and educate people on issues that affect Disabled people in Avon in the fields of Equal Opportunities, Care, Peer Counselling, Access, Transport, Benefits, Employment, Advocacy, Education, and Housing.

3. To access current care provision and to make recommendations for changes where necessary.

4. To challenge widely held and accepted beliefs regarding disability including the denial of the sexual, emotional, psychological and intellectual needs of Disabled people.

5. To raise funds to set up and manage a Centre for Independent Living in Avon.

[From the first ACODP Newsletter].

When Avon County Council was abolished in 1996, the Avon Coalition changed its name to the West of England Coalition of Disabled People. After 15 years of active campaigning, the Coalition was wound up in 2004.

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